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        Drive System

        VMS Controller

        The new KAM vehicle management system controller increases the function of power cut off in emergency situation which strictly meets the Europe and the U.S. Safety standard and the ingress protection grade can reach IP65. The system includes the followingfeaturesmainly: ★Multiplex high-voltage fuse protection circuit。 ★Dual-way vacuum relay switch for cutting off the total power supply in emergency。 ★Air conditioning High voltage power control。 ★DC-DC/ defroster for high-voltage power supply output。 ★Integrated with the controller for 3.7KW electric power steering pump ( Both DC input and AC output terminal adopt EMC filter)。 ★Integrated with the controller for 3.7KW electric air compressor (Both DC input and AC output terminal adopt with EMC filter)。 ★The charger output control (including the signal control of charging confirmation, vacuum contactor and fuse, etc.)。 ★The pre-charge circuit of vacuum contactor of motor controller。 ★Netbridge control module: CAN1 communicates with the BMS module and the CAN2 communicates with the charger, drivepower control from motor controller, power calculation and other functions。 ★Power control for fan and water pump of cooling system as well as the fan has the function of PWM temperature control and speed automatically adjustment。 ★Structural features: The shell is made by the aluminum alloy with processing technology of oxidation and sandblasting on the surface. The Ultra-thin design is used for hanging installation in the rear of bus. All connectors are imported products, it’s more convenient and quicker for maintenance. The replacement time for every component will be not over 30 minutes。

        Input voltage rangeDC300-700V
        Main circuit current rangeRated 400A/Peak 500A
        Air compressor outputRated 3.7KW,Peak 5.5KW,With EMC/EMI filte
        Power steering pump outputRated 3.7KW,Peak 5.5KW,With EMC/EMI filte
        Charge controlMax. control current 300A; cell protective voltage:3.65V
        Discharge controlMax. output current 500A, power limited voltage3.0-2.8V(Auto adjusted by the temperature), Lowest stop-driving protective voltage:2.7-2.5V(Auto adjusted by the temperature)
        Water pump/Fan power controlThe water pump power up and start running at 50℃ and stop at 45℃;The fan start working with 30% power at 55℃ and working with 80% power at 65℃. The motor controller will be controlled within 60℃ and the temp. of motor is limited within 75℃