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        Energy Storage

        YHkam 3.3 MW Portable Energy Storage Cabinet

        The storage capacity of the YHkam movable energy storage cabinet is as high as 3.3MW·h, which can be used by about 1,000 people in 200-250 families. It has the following advantages and characteristics: ★Long discharge time: The discharge time of the 3MW·h energy storage cabinet can reach 6-9 hours (driving power 450-300KW). ★High efficiency: Due to the use of Galaxy low internal resistance lithium iron phosphate cylindrical battery, the operating efficiency of the system is as high as 95%, which is about 3% higher than other types of lithium batteries. ★Low heat generation and low cooling power consumption: The heat generation at full load driving state is only 10KW, which is only 50% of the same power lithium battery. The forced ventilation cooling system can be directly adopted, which can save a lot of cooling power consumption, and the air cooling system is the largest The power consumption is 750W, and the temperature rise of the battery can be maintained no more than 3°C; the maximum heat generation in the high-current charging state is 30KW, and the forced air cooling system can maintain the temperature rise of the battery no more than 8°C. However, if the air conditioning system is used to maintain the same temperature rise, the required cooling capacity is about 30KW, and the electrical energy consumption reaches 10KW. ★Safe and reliable: The high-energy battery module adopts a fully sealed battery structure, and the exterior structure is convenient for ventilation and heat dissipation. The battery has been isolated from the contact with the outside air from the source, and the fire extinguishing system can be automatically activated through the BMS network temperature monitoring system. ★Long cruising range: It is used to drive a 1,000-ton cargo ship and is equipped with a high-efficiency electric drive system, which can achieve a driving range of 150 kilometers after one charge. ★The battery management system adopts the two-way balanced battery management system independently developed and produced by Yinhe. The balancing current can reach 5A, which can balance the battery cells with a maximum capacity deviation of 10%, which greatly improves the battery life and effectively prevents the battery from being overcharged and over-discharged. Damage and unsafe factors caused by it. ★Charging and battery swapping dual modes: adopting standard energy storage containers can achieve dual modes of fast charging and quick cabinet change. The 900KW charging cabinet (150KWx6 channels) independently developed by Yinhe can be charged within 3 hours.