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        Energy Storage

        KAM40ft 3.87MW·h ESS Container

        1. Large-Capacity Energy Storage: KAM 40-foot container storage capacity reaches 3.87MW·h· 2. Long Discharge Time: The discharge time of 3MW·h energy storage cabinet can reach 6-9 hours (Depending on the drive power of 450-300KW). 3. High Efficiency: Due to the application of KAM Yinhe low internal resistance lithium iron phosphate cylindrical battery, the EES operating efficiency is as high as 95%, which is about 3% higher than the other types of lithium battery charging and discharging efficiency. 4. Light weight: Including the container, battery PACK box, battery rack and all equipment, the total weight of the 20ft 3.0MW·h ESS container is only 23.6 tons. If adopting other batteries with low energy density, the total weight will exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the container body. 5. Low Heating Value and Low Power Consumption for Cooling: only 10KW of heat generated at full loading operation, which is only 50% of the other power lithium batteries. The container adopts “forced” ventilation cooling system, which can save a lot of power consumption for cooling. The maximum power consumption is 750W, which is able to maintain the temperature rise of the battery as the value less than 3℃. The maximum heat generation of the large current charging state is 30KW, and the forced air cooling system is able to maintain the temperature rise of the battery as less than 8℃. However, if we use the ordinary air conditioning system maintain the same temperature rise value, the required cooling capacity is about 30 kW and the power consumption is 10 kW. 6. Safe and Reliable: KAM high energy battery module adopts the fully sealed battery structure, which is conductive to heat dissipation by silica gel, and the external structure is convenient for ventilation and heat dissipation. Fundamentally, the contact between the battery and the external air has been isolated, so the oxygen condition required for combustion has been blocked. BMS is able to automatically start the fire extinguishing system through the temperature monitoring system. 7. Long Cruising Range: It is used for driving the container ships which is more than 1000 tons. If it’s equipped with high-efficiency electric drive system, which can realize the mileage of 150 km after one charge. The pure electric drive mode can greatly reduce emissions and pollution, and does not consume fuel throughout the journey. Carbon, sulfur and other exhaust pollutants and PM2.5 particles achieve zero emissions. 8. Battery management system equilibrium ability, effectively extending the service life of the storage battery: The equilibrium current for two-ways of KAM BMS is up to 5Amps, which can balance the battery cells with the maximum capacity deviation of 10%, greatly improve the service life of the battery, and effectively prevent damage and unsafe factors caused by over-charge and over-discharge of the battery. 9. Dual mode of Charging and Swapping: The best and fastest way to extend the driving distant for electric cargo ship, is to use both fast charging cabinet and swapping mode. Using the standard ESS container can realize both fast charging and quick swapping along the harbour. One container can get fully charged within 3 hours by using the 900KW charging cabinet (150KWx6 routes) developed by KAM.

        KAM 3.87MWh energy storage system uses standard 40-foot container and can store up to 3870KW h. after one charge under full load. The operation time attains >6-1hours at the rated output power of 500KW. The service life of energy storage battery module is up to 10 years, and the service life of supporting electric equipment is up to 20 years.



        Container External dimensions


        Container Net Weight


        System rated output power


        Battery capacity


        Available capacity for operation

        3480kW·h(Retaining10% to prolong life)

        Battery cell spec.

        LFP, Type: YLFR60250E;Cell spec.: 80Ah/3.2V, 256W·h,1.6kg

        Battery Pack spec.


        Quantity of battery Pack


        Total Battery Weight including casing and BMS


        Total weight of ESS container


        System rated power charging and discharging efficiency


        Rated DC voltage


        Maximum charge voltage


        Rated charge power 


        System response time at full power

        200ms of the rated current

        IOC hardware power trip limit


        System overload

        630kW can maintain 10 min

        Anti-seismic grade of the structures

         Level 4

        Anti-typhoon ability

        Level 3

        Operating temperature range